Is your car seat weighing you down?

One of our awesome wingmoms was heading out of the warehouse the other day with her not-so-little guy who was sound asleep in his car seat.  She leaned down, twisted her arm a bit, and stood up as if she was picking up a bag of napkins.  The rest of us stared in awe -- she made it look so easy! We requested a prompt tutorial on "how to carry your baby in a car seat without straining your back AND with a smile on your face", and then asked her to write up a post that we could share with you...
One thing I found out quickly when I became a parent... car seats are heavy! I was shocked at how difficult it was to carry my 8 pound newborn in his car seat. I started out carrying him like I would a bag, but my arm gave out very quickly. I tried holding him with my elbow, and then both arms, and saw a bit of improvement, but it was never great.


I was watching TV one morning while my son was napping on me and they were talking about the perfect car seat hold that is also chiropractor approved!

Emily Puente, D.C., CACCP, shared this video of the technique.
"It’s not going to hurt your shoulder, it’s not going to hurt your hip, and you’re not going to have to use your knee to swing like I had to do with my two [kids]," she says in the video. 


I tried it the next day and was amazed! My arm didn’t get shaky after a few minutes of holding my son’s seat. It helped keep my body straight and lessened the strain on my back and neck. This won’t work for everyone or every car seat but it has made my life much easier and I hope it helps you too! 
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