Get To Know Joovy - A Family Company Creating Quality Baby Gear For Over a Decade

If you're looking for kid gear, chances are Joovy has made something close to what you want. From travel beds to walkers to training potties, this company dabbles in it all, but instead of making a lot of one product, the team constructs one or two models and builds it well. That is, save for strollers, the company's biggest seller and the largest collection of products in any category. 

"I have the running stroller and high chair," says New York City mom Kimberly Miller Schwartz, who has a 4-month-old and a 3-year-old. "I find them to be really high quality and easy to use, but reasonably priced."

Joovy founder Rob Gardner has a long history in the baby goods business, he used to be the head of marketing at Baby Trend. Gardner had a falling out there that ended in a lawsuit and settlement, which,  in conclusion, helped the entrepreneur build his own successful stroller and kid gear company. Gardner launched Joovy in February, 2005, and for the past decade-plus it has remained a family-run company with Gardner's wife Sarah, mother Jane, brother Greg and sister Pam contributing to the workforce. 

All the products prove durable and simple looking, so rest assured you won't get overwhelmed with neon colors, Disney themes or wacky prints. The construction too proves unadorned, making cleaning the plastic legs, backs and trays a snap. Here's a basic line up of what this American company makes, from strollers to bikes to bottles.  


Based in Dallas, the company's popular Caboose stroller line helped put Joovy on the map. Though its design mimics the Baby Trend Sit n'Stand Tandem, it's actually based on a 1994 design by a British inventor named Albert Fairclough. The first Joovy model came out in 2006, and now the company boasts 19 types of strollers, including doubles, a car seat snap-and-go and a bike trailer. The most expensive item caps at $650, and the lowest price hits $150, with plenty of options in between. 

For example, the $500 Qool, which is meant to grow with your family and has space for three kids; the classic Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand Stroller runs $250 and can recline three ways, fits another seat and comes in an array of fun colors; and the Balloon, an ultra lightweight stroller running $200 that comes in jaunty colors and can attach to a car seat. But strollers are just one part of the Joovy brand. 


Another thing this Texas company does well is walkers, namely the Spoon. This sleek item doesn't have a bunch of stuff sticking out of it, just quality parts and smooth lines. It comes in three colors and runs $100. The walker supports infants up to 30 pounds and can be adjusted to three heights. Plus, the seats are made with luggage-grade seat material, so you know it's tough (which also means it stays nice enough to sell again through an online consignment shop or second hand store).

"It's not as ugly as most walkers and it’s very practical and well made," says Denver mom Rebecca Williams. "There are lots of things that just work well on it, and doesn’t hit the countertops too hard or in the wrong places, and has a super smooth glide for when you do a chase around the kitchen island."


Highchairs are another popular baby gear item Joovy makes, and like the Spoon, the Nook and Foodoo highchairs proves clean-lined, easy to wipe up and aren't bogged down with bling and accoutrements. The company also does bottles, cups and pacifiers. The Boob bottles are all medical grade glass that's BPS-, BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free. Each was designed to ergonomically fit in your hand, making feeding easier and better for both adults and baby.  For older kids there's the Pengoo straw cup and Dood training/sippy cups. 

"Their Boob bottles are amazing," says Colorado mom Sarah Prowak. "Our little guy, now 22 months, struggled with feeding early on and these were amazing for him, and so easy to clean compared to other bottles."

Outdoor Fun

Joovy also has a line of kid's bikes, trikes and helmets for little ones ready to go on their own. Trade that Caboose for Tricycoo 4.1, a darling $130 trike that can also be pushed by a parent. It comes with a canopy to protect from the sun and can be transitioned into a solo trike when your little one is ready. The next step is the Bicycoo Balance Bike, a $130 contraption used to get kids ready for a bigger bike. It comes in four fun colors, matching a lot of the other Joovy products. There's also a BMX version of this balance bike for $120. And of course you want your child protected with the Noodle helmet, a $40 investment that comes in a rainbow of color choices. 

Travel and Nap Time

You'll find the same design traits featured in the other products with the playards and travel beds too. For example, even though the Room playpen that comes with a bassinet, changing station and diaper storage spot doesn't feel cluttered or overbearing. Joovy is also one of the only company's that makes a playpen built specificity for twins, the Room 2. 

For $250, the Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen offers a safe place for newborns in your room. Not only does this compact sleeper provide comfort, but you can turn it into a mini playpen or gentle rocker. It also folds down into a neat rectangle for easy travel. The Gloo is another travel bed, though not as sturdy since it pops out. This $130 travel tent has an self-inflating mattress and works great for the beach, camping or anywhere you want to let the baby rest or keep them safe from bugs and/or sun. Best part, the Gloo comes in happy hues like golden yellow, bright purple and sky blue. 

All these Joovy items provide high-quality child care and won't break the bank. Of course searching for used baby gear or open box samples will save you even more money so you can stock up on all the Joovy products your little one needs. Then sell it again when they grow out of it and keep the sustainable cycle of childcare products going. 

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