Your Personal Shopper Is Here: Introducing Gear Finder

As parents, we understand how precious your time is. We also know that finding the perfect gear for your little one can be overwhelming—not to mention expensive. 

At the core of everything we do, we aim to make shopping for the baby and kid gear your children need not only sustainable, but convenient. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Gear Finder. Think of this fun quiz as your own personal shopper.

Fetching your gear recommendations via Gear Finder is simple. We ask a few key questions in order to generate a custom list of the top items for your children in seconds. 

Why You’ll Love It

Parenting is full of decisions. Let us lighten your cognitive load (just a bit, we won’t take too much credit) by recommending products using our proprietary technology.

We sell a large variety of the top brands, in various conditions and at the best price points, so we’re able to curate gear based on your child’s age, while taking into account which products are popular with other parents for good reason. 

It gets better. When you complete the Gear Finder quiz for your children you’ll receive free shipping and a free pickup (if you live in our seller service areas) annually on their birthdays. 

Ready to save time, energy and money? Take the Gear Finder quiz for your personalized product recommendations.
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