Free Entertainment and Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Busy Parents

Perhaps I'm one of the lucky few, or maybe my lack of planning for Halloween (year after year) has rubbed off on my kids, but somehow they aren't obsessed with dressing up. I mean, they want to wear a costume and go trick-or-treating but they are perfectly content pulling something out of their dress-up bin the day before and calling it good. 

This year I was feeling a surge of energy on the Thursday before Halloween and the approaching mob at the temporary Halloween store was not feeling as intimidating as it had in years past. I quietly uttered the words, "Should we go look at costumes?" The instant excitement from my kids motivated me into action. 

At 6 and 4, the temporary Halloween store is like a free trip to an almost-age-appropriate haunted house. My kids were in awe of the jumping spider that welcomed us into the store. When I involuntarily screamed a bit (it was a JUMPING spider!), my kids thought it was hilarious. Hearing their laughter was well worth the price of admission. (Oh wait, it was free...) 

Perhaps this has been the setup for a while, but I appreciated the "new" layout of the temporary Halloween store. The kid section was clearly separate from the adult section and we didn't have to go anywhere near the adult section to check out costumes for my kiddos. As in, I didn't have to explain why the grown-up nurse costume included a giant syringe (that may or may not hold just enough liquid to qualify as a shot of tequila) and the kid nurse costume only included a stethoscope.  

My daughter quickly settled on a Batgirl dress that can be worn as an everyday dress, assuming capes remain in style. That's a two-for-one in my book! My son settled on some face paint, as any "zombie dragon monster" would. And since zombie dragon monsters wear all black, wink-wink, we already had the rest of his costume in the laundry machine at home.

We somehow cruised past the impulse items while waiting in line to checkout and walked out with only two items. And the jumping spider didn't even make me flinch. 

If you're still on the hunt for a costume (or two), Working Mother has some easy outfits you can create with stuff you probably already have in your home. That's time and money saved, which is something we're big on here at Good Buy Gear. 

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