Find Out Why Families Love UPPAbaby Strollers

UPPAbaby strollers have become so popular in baby culture, it's almost a cliche. Celebrity moms such as Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore and Mila Kunis have been seen pushing these prams around, and it's hard to go to any kid-friendly place without seeing at least one. From the VISTA to CRUZ to MINU to G-LINK, UPPAbaby has a type of stroller for every type of mom, dad and child. 

The Beginning

The pair that started the UPPAbaby craze in 2006 are husband and wife team Bob and Lauren Monahan, a Rockland, Massachusetts couple who have three children of their own. The first stroller they put on the market was the UPPAbaby VISTA, still one of the company's most popular models. Then the Vista cost roughly $600 and featured, as it does today, puzzle-piece accoutrements that snap into place including a bassinet and toddler seat so you can go from newborn to toddler to two kids, all with one device. 

When the UPPAbaby first came out it was the middle ground of strollers; something sleek and chic to purchase that fell between the expensive Bugaboo brand and the not-so-stylish-but-affordable Graco and Chicco models. At first, major stroller executives thought the Monahans were crazy to launch this product, but boy were they wrong. 

UPPAbaby Today

Now the UPPAbaby is on top of the stroller game, and chances are if you're in the park with your little ones, strolling down the street on a summer afternoon or visiting a farmers' market, at least one person is pushing a VISTA, MINU or CRUZ along. Over a decade later the Monahans continue to make the same strollers with a few additions and tweaks along the way, and the devices still prove just as high-quality as they did in the beginning. 

Today a 2018/2019 VISTA stroller retails between $930 and $1300 (for the whole system), though you can find excellent ones in open-box condition for $850 and used strollers for as low as $160 . It's an attainable luxury that not only looks great, but works superbly as well. 

Stroller Highlights

Each of the UPPAbaby strollers have variations to help them stand out from each other. The VISTA s an all-inclusive stroller that can go from newborn to preschool with the ability to add another seat and piggy back board to it (great if you have three young kids). 

The MINU is a lightweight, easy-to-fold-with-one-hand standard stroller, perfect for travel or running around a busy city. By itself it doesn't cater to newborns, but with the MESA infant car seat or select Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex infant car seats, it can work from birth to preschool. 

One unique thing about the CRUZ comes through in the ability to move the seat to be forward-facing or parent-facing. If you have a newborn, get the MESA Infant Car Seat and snap it in with the proper adaptors. And, if you live in a place with tight streets and narrow doorways, the CRUZ may be your perfect stroller, as it is for Naomi Honova of Munich. 

"Its enormous basket holds everything, it's easy to handle and lightweight for its size, the seat reclines fully so if you have a newborn insert you don't need a bassinet at all, it's sturdy and does well on public transit," says Honova, who doesn't have a car and uses the stroller relentlessly. 

Finally the G line, a lightweight series that includes the G-LUXE , which features a fully reclining seat and adjustable foot rest perfect for letting tots nap on the go. The basket can hold up to 10 pounds and an extendable, UPF sunshade makes sure your little one is protected from harsh rays. 

For an even lighter version, the G-LITE is similar to the LUXE but with less. The seat still reclines but only partway and there isn't a movable footrest. The G-LINK proves just like the LUXE, but offers double the fun with two side-by-side seats. If you want to use it for an older kid and an infant, all you need is a baby insert to give them support. Think of these three versions as the most luxurious type of umbrella stroller around. 

Why People Love Them

When quizzing moms about why they love their UPPAbaby strollers so much, one idea stood out--travel. For mom Terry Ward out of Tampa, Florida, the MINU has been her absolute favorite device for  jet setting. She has gone to Morocco, Cuba, Finland, Norway and Spain in the last year alone, and the MINU, along with her children, has been part of each journey.

"It’s perfect for travel and so easy to fold and open and super compact," says Ward, who has two kids ages almost-3 and 1. "We’ve put it through the ringer all over the world and it never breaks or becomes harder to push. It’s super solid yet light. And when you hit bumps it doesn’t threaten to face-plant. I couldn’t love it more."

The durable tires are just part of the reason moms and dads love this device. Lightweight aluminum frames make sure the stroller doesn't get weighed down, at least until you fill the basket. All UPPAbaby strollers also feature a sleek design, so you can push your infant around the market or down the street in style. Spit ups and diaper blowouts might not be sexy, but at least the hardware of you life can be.

Why It's Worth the Investment

In short, you can buy a new or used stroller and it's still worth something in the end. In fact, if you splurge for the latest VISTA, you can sell it three years down the line when your kid is done with strollers and make close to half of that amount back when selling through online consignment shops like Good Buy Gear or to a second hand store. Not bad for something you use all the time.

"I love my VISTA. It is old, 2010, and I am the second owner, but that thing is a workhorse," says Abby Olena. "We don’t drive much, so we use it like a car. The basket is huge and can fit a week’s worth of groceries. Also it’s easy to wash the seat fabric in the washer."

With all these attributes and details, it's no wonder the UPPAbaby has taken off in the last decade. Based on the fanfare and reliability of these strollers, it's safe to say these baby transports will thankfully be around a long time. 

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