Final Segment in Our Clutch Series: Preschoolers

1. Art Supplies - Preschool-aged kids are budding artists who have a lot to share. From crayons to paint, providing them a canvas is a true gift. 

2. Age-appropriate technology - These days, our preschoolers can figure out a smartphone faster than us. However, ensuring that they are strictly accessing appropriate and learning apps and games is important. 

3. STEM-related activities - STEM is gaining steam as a focus for boys AND girls, and fostering a love for science, technology, engineering and math early is a fantastic idea. 

4. Athletic Gear - At this age, many young ones are gaining interest in sports! Learning to be part of a team is such a great experience for kids in this age group. But this is the frustrating thing as a parent - they grow quickly and gear doesn't generally work from one year to another. Finding discounted gear is key, in our opinion. 

Whatever your preschooler loves to do, just enjoy this funny stage when you can. They will inevitably drive you up the wall, but their growing personalities are a joy, too. 

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