5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Pick Up & Declutter With You

We all know that kid’s mean a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff means a lot of clutter.  While sometimes you just want it all gone, we know that’s not always realistic - so how about some fun tips you can use to get your kiddos involved in the picking up and decluttering process so it’s not all on your shoulders:

  1. Play them this fun song while they pick-up
  2. Host a Pretend Yard Sale with Your Kiddos (see our past blog for more details)
  3. There are at least 2 times a year that are GREAT for decluttering (pre-Birthday and pre-Christmas) Credit: Amidst the Chaos
  4. Link decluttering to sharing with others and how good that can make you feel.  Bonus that it minimizes items in the landfill and gets infrequently used items out of your home. Credit: Sparefoot Blog
  5. All the experts agree, make it FUN - challenge them to see who can pick-up fastest or put on some music and dance while picking up.

Once you’ve used all these tips to sort through the clutter - contact us for a White Glove Pick-Up to get your clutter gone, ready for the next wave to come through.

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