Jet Setter Travel Pack: Gear to Make Travel with Baby Manageable

We’re not going to lie and tell you any single piece of gear will make traveling with a baby or little ones a breeze. These items can, however, make travel a bit more manageable and hopefully more enjoyable. 

Here are our Wingmom’s top items and tips to consider when traveling with kids

Plane Travel

Compact & Lightweight Strollers. Some travel strollers fold up and fit into the overhead compartments (UPPAbaby Minu, SilverCross Jet, Babyzen YOYO). Being able to put your stroller in the overhead is a game changer, here’s why:

  1. You don’t have to check it with the airline where it can easily be damaged, get dirty or get covered in snow or rain if the weather is bad
  2. You don’t have to sit and wait for the airlines to bring you your stroller once you land—after a long flight the last thing you want to do with a baby or toddler is wait more 
  3. Less germs! Less people touching the stroller your kid is touching

Stroller man

Wingmom Recommendations:


UPPAbaby Minu

Babyzen YOYO


SilverCross Jet
UppaBaby G-Luxe


Maxi Cosi Lara
Diono Traverze

travel strollers

A Great Baby Carrier 

Airports can be stressful. You’re typically juggling bags, boarding passes and passports for multiple people, so having a good carrier when traveling by plan with kids is necessary! If you have two kids, put the older kid in the stroller and the baby in the carrier. That way you have a stroller for the baby when you arrive at your destination, but a safe place for your toddler to ride while you navigate the airport. 

Wingmom Recommendations:

Ergo Baby

BabyBjorn Mini

Solly Baby Wrap

Dockatot & Snuggle Me Organic

These are great to bring on the plane with the baby as it's a safe, clean and comfortable place for them to nap or just play with toys. And easy to put on your lap. Plus, it's great to have a designated space for them to lounge in once you arrive at your destination. It gives baby a familiar place to lounge, nap or just play. 

Wingmom Recommendations:


Snuggle Me Organic

Diaper Bag

Backpack diaper bags are so helpful to have when traveling with kids. Hands free! 

Plus, it's tough to hang a diaper bag off of a travel stroller since they are more light weight and it can cause it to tip over and travel stroller storage is usually much smaller. 

Wingmom Recommendation:

Fawn Design 2.0, The Original Diaper Bag

Travel Changing Pad

Most airports and airplanes changing stations are yucky. A good travel changing pad is a must!

Wingmom Recommendation:

Eddie Bauer Travel Diaper Changing Pad Kit


Pack a basket of travel toys you can use in the car and play with once you arrive at your destination. We have a large selection of discounted toys to fill up any play bin. Because happy kids = happy life. 

Finally, bring an extra set of clothes in your diaper bag. Our Wingmoms recommend putting a change of clothes in a plastic baggie for each kid incase of an accident, that way I have a place to put the dirty clothes. For long trips, always bring an extra shirt for mom too (how many times have you had to change mid-trip thanks to the kids?).  



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