How To Make Buying and Selling Used Kid Gear Work For Your Family

If rummaging through a bin of musty clothes or picking through a lot of broken toys at the local thrift shop or garage sale seems unappealing, well, you wouldn't be alone in that sentiment. Sometimes it's hard to know where to get good secondhand stuff, especially when it comes from the realm of messy, food-covered and careless kids. After all, you want to make eco-friendly purchases, but that doesn't mean you should get bad items or have to hunt incessantly for what you want and need. That's why places like Good Buy Gear have made shopping for gently used children's products easier, and way less messy. To learn more about the strategy behind buying (and selling) used baby and kid gear online, keep reading.

Why You Should Buy Secondhand 

Plenty of Earth-friendly reasons for shopping used exist, and we'll get to those soon. But first, let's talk about how buying secondhand works in your favor. First of all, you can get more bang for your buck. For example, I recently bought my young sons six 12-inch superhero dolls from Good Buy Gear, spending under $20 for the whole lot. If I took that same $20 to the store I might have gotten two, if one was on sale. And, let's be honest, you can't have a superb superhero soiree (minus the cake, much to my 4-year-old's disappointment) with just Batman.  

Another way purchasing used gear benefits your family is in the ability to try more stuff out. Sure everyone thinks the Baby Bjorn carrier is the ultimate choice, but with options such as Lillebaby , Baby K'tan and artisan wraps, you can really find a baby wearing device that's perfect for you. Same idea applies to strollers, play mats, exercisers, highchairs, toys and so much more.

Eco-Friendly Reasons To Go For Used Toys 

Let's face it, plastic pollution is a real thing and experts says an average of 18 billion pounds of the stuff gets washed into the oceans each year. Forty percent of that is just packaging, and most of plastic is made and processed in Asia. And, what else comes from China and other Asian countries? A lot of the toys our kids love. So, imagine if more people made an effort to stop getting new toys in shiny boxes and bubbles. Not only would that percentage of plastic packaging go down, but the need for more and more freshly made toys would decrease as well.

Another way buying used toys help the environment comes in the form of garbage. Imagine a mountain of plastic dinosaurs piled up. If five kids shared the same set, that mountain turns into more of a slope. So why not buy your next set used? All you need is to give it a quick bath in hot soapy water to purify the bundle and give it to your tot guilt-free.

Also, have you ever noticed the toys you like don't always mesh with one your child gravitates toward, which can lead to an excess of unused playthings littering the house. At least if you get secondhand toys you're not breaking the bank to find things the kids will actually play with, besides that paper bag it came in. Bonus, selling the unused toys and letting your little ones use the money to buy that glow-in-the-dark racetrack, construction set, play house, or whatever else it is they're clamoring for.

What To Look For While Shopping Secondhand

Unfortunately not all used products are equal. Some people take good care of their goods and other's let them get trashed. Some items have only seen one gentle child and another a slew of preschoolers at a daycare. The truth is you don't know the object's history, but you can look for signs of how the gear was treated.

-Rips and tears are only okay if it's something that can be mended, otherwise the possibility of the teddy bear falling to pieces becomes higher.

-If something makes you feel dirty when you look at it, chances are you won't ever feel comfortable playing with, wearing or using the item. Seek out goods that feel right in your hands and you know you can clean up comfortably.

-Check all battery compartments. Just because someone says it needs new batteries that doesn't mean the battery area works. It could be broken or worse, have corrosion, which is not only toxic but can stain clothes and furniture. At Good Buy Gear all the batteries are included, so you know the product you get works the way it should.

-When it comes to cloth diapers or any other product that relies on elastic, it's good to give it a spring test. Old elastic will crackle and can't hold a pull, which means it also won't hold whatever is coming out of your baby.

-Missing pieces don't mean a set is shot, unless it's a puzzle or game. I recently bought my son a doctor kit that didn't have the beeper, and you know what, he didn't care at all. Same thing with a Lightning McQueen play set , it didn't have every piece but it was still just as fun.

How To Sell Your Secondhand Gear

Most people have a garage full of things they don't use, and closets stuffed to the brim with items that no longer fit, please or have personal value anymore. But just because you don't want it, that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't. Take a bundle to be sold by your local consignment shop, or you can take the time to sort, arrange, photograph and post in online marketplaces such as Facebook, Craigslist or Amazon.

Or, save time and energy by having someone do the job for you. That's where the online consignment shop Good Buy Gear comes in, the items on the site are owned by people like you, but instead of them doing all the work, the team at Good Buy Gear puts in the labor. You simply have your goods picked up from home and then leave the listing and selling to them. Before anything goes live on the site sellers get a chance to review the listings and make the final call on price.

What Happens To the Goods Not Sold

One question most sellers have besides "what percentage of the sale do I get" is what does Good Buy Gear do with the donated items. It's a good inquiry and nothing in the donations section is personally kept, it's all recycled or sent to those who need it. A lot of the goods that are in decent condition and aren't expired (which mainly pertains to cribs and car seats) get sent to Weecycle, a non-profit that helps families in Colorado get the kid gear and baby items they need. Damaged and recalled cribs and broken and too-loved toys get sent to Sustainable Recycling Center, and expired car seats are recycled through the city. Any clothes or clean stuffed animals are distributed to ARC Thrift Stores. Of course you can opt to come get the donation items and process them however you see fit.



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