Secondhand Nursery Furniture: The Benefits of Buying Used

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a lovely experience for new parents. Figuring out how to best decorate the place where your baby will spend the first years of their life can be so exciting. But it can also be costly to manifest your dream nursery.

If visions of hand-painted murals and shabby chic dressers make your heart sing but your wallet cry, it may be time to consider the benefits of buying secondhand baby furniture. Not only does secondhand baby furniture come with a lower price tag than buying brand new, oftentimes preloved furniture is perfect for repainting or reupholstering to add your personal touch.

Neutral nursery

Maximizing Your Buying Strategy

Before you dive head-first into the used baby furniture world, you may want to start by making a list of the items you have and the items you want or need. When something feels like a great deal, it is easy to over buy. Starting with a plan can help you save money and achieve your dream nursery.

  1. Start by asking yourself what items you have and what you need. You will need a crib and a changing table. A dresser and a rocking chair would both be high on the list of wants. After that, a bookshelf might be fun if space allows, and some sort of sorting organizer for baby toys. A nightstand could also come in handy.
  2. Pick a color scheme. Buying secondhand nursery furniture may mean you don’t get to control the finish the way you would if you purchase new, but consider sticking with all one scheme. White furniture may not match exactly but you can make it look cohesive if you stick to just the one color rather than buying in any shade just because it’s the piece you want.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get crafty with well-loved pieces! If you find a great changing table that has seen better days, consider purchasing a can of paint along with it and making it over. Rocking chairs can be reupholstered or covered with pretty blankets. If a piece is both sturdy and well-priced, you may be able to turn it into the perfect piece for your baby’s nursery!

Secondhand Nursery Furniture: When & Why To Buy Used

Buying brand new nursery furniture is fantastic. But, chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re considering buying used. And maybe not only because you are interested in saving money. One of the biggest benefits of buying secondhand is the savings to your bottom line, but there are lots of great reasons to buy used.

  1. Otherwise out-of-reach items may become reachable if you buy them secondhand. Secondhand nursery furniture can save your 40% or more off the retail cost of nursery furniture. And buying secondhand doesn’t necessarily mean the product is used- it could be a returned item, a floor model or an item that was bought as a back-up by someone and never used.
  2. You can help put money back in another parent’s wallet. Secondhand retail sites such as GoodBuy Gear give cash back to sellers, which means sellers are able to recoup some of their initial cost. So, rather than supporting the CEO of a big box store, you are supporting another parent who is trying to provide for their kids.
  3. You keep items out of landfills. Sometimes, this is inevitable. Items do sometimes get broken or soiled beyond repair and simply need to be disposed of. But sometimes perfectly good and reusable items are sent to landfills because owners don’t know what else to do with them. By purchasing secondhand items, you are making a difference. Purchasing fewer things new drives down demand from stores. When stores order fewer items, suppliers make fewer items. Fewer items produced means fewer carbon emissions, which is better for the environment. The benefits of buying secondhand are huge.

Crib in a nursery

Filling your baby’s nursery with used furniture is an easy way to stay on budget—or be able to splurge on other items such as sheets or décor. Many parenting sites advocate for buying used baby gear items for a variety of reasons, from saving money to keeping items out of landfills. When you shop with GoodBuy Gear, you rest assured that we never sell recalled items and provide a 14 day return policy for items which do not match the description. Plus, if you just don’t like an item you can always sell it back. 



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