The Great Stroller Debate : How Moms and Dads Decide On Their Kid's First Ride

Just about every parent has had the debate over what stroller to get, something we hear a lot at Good Buy Gear. Do you want something that can last through your baby's growth, a lightweight option, a stroller that fits in the car, a ride that can go everywhere--the questions are endless. And, while mom may want that jogging stroller, dad might see the sleek, high-tech option as the preferred device. No matter what you want for you baby, there aren't any wrong questions when it comes to stroller shopping.

"The main thing for me will be convenience," says dad-to-be Nicolas Piquet-Gauthier. "It needs to be easy to fold, to put in the car, push it on sidewalks, and then I will check that it’s strong enough so we will use the same for all the kids and not buy a new one each time."

His wife, Aude de Taisne, mostly agrees, though for her the look of the stroller is important too. Like her husband she is planning ahead in regards to future kids, and beyond that, selling the stroller. She says turning the ride into a double is important, as well as it lasting long enough so they can resell it down the line. Since both Aude and Nicolas work for Good Buy Gear, they know the value of a good stroller, and how easy it can be to get some money back when it's time to let it go. 

Thanks to their jobs, the couple came into the stroller debate armed with a lot of information and options. Nico liked the Bugaboo Lynx for its lightweight frame, but found that the Mockingbird Single-to-Double marked more off his checklist. Aude too liked this stroller, for all the reasons she mentioned including the sleek design. It's the one they ended up buying, though, adds Aude, the Doona was another she really liked.

"I moved from France so I find it really helpful to travel back with a stroller and a car seat so we don't have to worry about one or the other," she says. Travel is definitely something to think about when choosing a stroller, whether that's international, domestic or just in your own state. In fact, transportation is often an important point both parents discuss when buying a stroller.

"My focus was ease of transportation, the folding, unfolding and how it fit in the trunk," says Jenell Pickering, a Denver mom who had her first child last December. "I also looked at comfort and how smooth it moved, but together we wanted something that looked nice and was gender neutral."

The hunt for a perfect stroller was mostly done by Jenell, she says, and her husband Ryan trusted her judgment. She compared reviews and read mom blogs to figure it out, and in the end, bought two. One was the KidsEmbrace Batman stroller, which this mom likes for its narrow wheels, cute design and the way it's easy to push down the street. 

"We also got Britax B-Agile because we loved the large canopy panel, the rotating front wheel, options for accessories, and comfy foot rest as our little guy grows," says Jenell, who moved her son from the simple Graco car-seat-stroller combo and into these bigger strollers when he was around eight months old. 

In Minnesota, new parents Karla Esqueda and Erickson Schafer wanted a simple stroller without a lot of complications for their son. Plus, they wanted something that worked with the car seat they had already purchased. 

"We landed on the City Select by Baby Jogger because we got it at sale for half the price," says Karla, who also was eyeing the UPPAbaby Vista but found it to be too expensive in the long run. "I will say the new Nuna looks good this year because it doesn't take as much space, and factoring what we now know, that would be a definite plus because the Jogger takes up all of the back space in my Jeep."

Back in Colorado, Melissa Adams is having a hard time choosing. This mom-to-be wants a stroller that can go on a trail run and is easy to close. But, she also wants one that will grow with her baby from birth to toddlerhood. 

"From all the research I have done, I still have no idea what to get," says Melissa, adding that she doesn't want to buy two separate strollers. "I never thought about the height that the arms go to, the material it's made out of, or any of those things. I also don't understand the price difference between a $500 stroller and one that's $1,000."

Like many other moms, Melissa is doing the research and shopping for her family's stroller, and right now she is torn between the Mockingbird and the UPPAbaby Vista, siting the vast price difference as the most confusing thing about these two strollers given that they look and seem to function the same way. She also is eyeing the City Select by Baby Jogger, but more because all her friends in England use that brand. So far, she says, she hasn't chosen one. She hopes as it gets closer to her due date more stores will let shoppers test out strollers, which she adds, will help the most in making the decisions. 

Until then, the stroller debate remains internal for her. But in the end, she knows she will have something safe to push her baby around in. Learn more about strollers and what Good Buy Gear has for sale in the second-hand and open-box categories by visiting our webpage, emailing or virtual chatting about the nuances of each. The hunt for the perfect stroller doesn't have to be a big debate when armed with the best information, something we are happy to provide. 

Seasoned Parent Tips For Stroller Shopping and Use

  • Make sure you test walking with the stroller with it adjusted for you and your partner! My husband and I have 14 inches in height difference, so we had a lot of testing to do. -Becky Tornes
  • All I have to say is make sure the stroller fits in your trunk! - Jessica Cunningham
  • Know how to fold it up! I was in tears the first time I had to put my Phil & Ted's stroller into the trunk because I couldn't get the &?*!$ thing folded up while my baby wailed in her car seat, which added to the stress. -Jenna Farley
  • The first time I took my Bob and my baby up to the mountains for a little “hike,” I didn’t bring a hand pump and all the tires went flat and I had to drag the baby and the stroller a mile down a dirt path by myself. Yah so, bring a hand pump. -Hilary Porter
  • Have an idea of where you and your partner will be using the stroller. Some sidewalks are rough as a rocky hiking trail, where as a nice smooth path around the park can let you push any stroller around with ease. -Linnea Covington


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