How to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Developing Baby

At six months, your baby's life is full of exciting milestones, from what they eat to how they play and move. Having the right gear on hand can help keep them busy, happy and safe. From your baby's half birthday to their first birthday, your baby is gearing up to take their first steps. Stay one step ahead of your developing 6-month old with these tips. 

4 Ways to Keep Up With Your 6-Month Old

baby and mom playing with toys

  1. Gear Up to Go Out – Now that your baby can sit up and is more engaged in the world around them, it may be time for a more compact stroller. Age-appropriate mobiles and toys can also help keep your curious 6-month old engaged in the car or on a stroll around town. If you plan to travel with your baby, be sure you are prepared with all the comforts of home even when you're away from home.  
  2. Get Ready to Play – Around six months old, your baby will be ready for more active play. Activity mats are a great way to entertain your baby during tummy time. Toys have become more fun now too. It's essential to make sure they are soft, safe, and chewable. Options like stacking cups, color and shape blocks, mirrors and balls can provide loads of entertainment and learning for your baby. Once your baby shows an interest in standing, activity gyms, walkers and jumpers offer fun ways to get moving.
  3. Make Story Time Hands-on – Giving your baby soft, chewable toys, books, games now is a great way for them to explore textures and colors as they work on hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. Your baby may be too young to read, but they're never too young to enjoy storytime with you. Choose books and offer textures, sounds, mirrors, and anything to pull and chew on at this age.
  4. Give Baby a Seat at the Table – By six months old, your baby may show an interest in giving solid foods a try. Make the most of mealtime with feeding accessories like sippy cups, a highchair for home, and one for when you're on the go. Spoons are a great way to help your baby improve their hand-eye coordination too! 

Keeping up with your child's changing needs doesn't have to be challenging. There is gear to help make the journey a little easier for every stage and age. The team at GoodBuy Gear has you covered. We have the equipment you and your child need from newborn to elementary school. 



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