Double Stroller Drama: Love Them, Hate Them, Need Them

When GoodBuy Gear co-founder Kristin Langenfeld had her second kid she naturally went for a double stroller made by the company who made her beloved single, the BOB. But after purchasing said device she soon found it was not love at first push as she had hoped.

"We quickly resold it as we couldn't fit it our car or in the garage," she says. "We just found it too big so we reverted back to the single BOB and Ergobaby to carry my son."

As he got bigger the need for a double stroller came up again, and soon Langenfeld found herself asking everyone about which one should she get. After a lot of research and recommendations, she went for the Baby Jogger City Select and bought a used double stroller. While it was great for a lot of reasons, it still wasn't the one she loved. After a few other trial and errors she finally found the two-seat Burley Encore bike trailer worked the best.

"It's great on the bumps, is a smooth ride, folds up easily and, though the kids do bug each other, at least they can stay warm and covered," she says. "Who knew this would be the answer?"

Langenfeld is lucky, for a lot of people the love of a double stroller (or some version of it) never comes, and buying endless ones can get pricy, even if you seek out used baby gear. It's one of the only kid items that makers can't seem to get quite right, which is why we dived into the subject to find out what moms are looking for in a double stroller. Turns out everyone has different needs depending one where they live, how old the kids are, the size of their storage and how big the trunk of their car is. Hopefully these antidotes will help you find your own double stroller, something that you can get greatly reduced when buying used or on consignment from retailers such as Good Buy Gear.

"Three things I look for in a double stroller are maneuverability, size and basket size," says Good Buy Gear lead buyer Megan Citarella. "I like a smooth push, I need something that will fit in my small SUV and through narrow doorways. And I carry a lot of stuff around with me so I need a big basket."

Her dream double is the UppaBaby Vista, a high-end stroller that truly takes your kid from newborn to toddler to sibling, and even has the ability to add space for up to three kids with an added piggyback board. For Citarella this device checks off everything she mentioned, plus it looks really nice.

"The price is high but for me, it was worth it," she says, adding that she has tried out the BOB, Zoe and the Baby Jogger City Select." The Vista is my favorite hands down."

Though these two moms deal in strollers for work all the time, their struggle to find a double that works for their family is something parents all over the country face. For Tarah Chieffi, author of 4 Weeks to Wellness and The 4 Weeks to Wellness Cookbook, she went through four double strollers before she settled on the Baby Jogger City Select, which worked well even if it wasn't perfect. Two of the others, the Baby Trend Sit-and-Stand Double Stroller and the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger, were too bulky for her house and travel, and didn't navigate as well as she wanted.

"I started to feel pretty crazy being so picky about a stroller, but I knew it would be worth it because we will be using it so often and I really didn't want something that I was frustrated with every time I used it," she says. "I finally did some major research and learned you get what you pay for. It took a little convincing, but I got my husband on board with choosing a higher-end stroller."

Though she wished there were some features such as a carry handle and that it stored upright, this stroller proved easy to push, had a lot of storage and fit into her life better than the others. For other parents, they found stroller love in different products.

"I have a [Baby Jogger] City Select, and it cost an arm and a leg, but I adore it," says mom of two, Erin Zimmerman Chevalier. "I just wish I’d known I was going to have more than one kid so I could have bought it right off the bat rather than for the birth of number two."

Moms of twins also have another outlook. One mom thinks the side-by-side is great for twins so they can see each other and comfort their sibling. But not all agree.

Says Laura Richards, "Whatever brand you choose, do the front/back, not the side-by-side. With my twins a front/back stroller allowed me to buzz through stores easily and kept the kids out of each other's hair and from grabbing each other's stuff. With side-by-sides you are constantly causing traffic jams and cannot get through a store aisle and the children have constant access to pulling hair and worse."

Other moms have said the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is a lifesaver since it's so light and easy to move, and also, it's one of the best to travel with. A mom in New York City likes the stacked Phil and Ted Classic Inline because it's narrow enough to get through tight doorways and spaces. The Baby Jogger City Mini also got kudos for fitting in small spots, plus it has a one-handed open and close mechanism and let's kids ride until they are quiet big since it holds up to 100 pounds.

Given all the comments we heard it proves that finding the right double stroller can be a challenge, and research is key. Do you want a jogger or something for city pushing? Do you travel a lot or mostly need the stroller to take kids around the park? Of course you could always go to the experts. At Good Buy Gear used strollers on consignment are key, and experts can answer a lot of questions about them. Don't get stuck pushing around your kids in gear that doesn't satisfy, get what you need without paying an arm and a leg for it.



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